Welcome to the shitpost and rant fest. You might find at least one thing on here to be a little controversial.

July 17, 2018

Just made this thing today. I'm gonna shitpost pretty hard.

July 17, 2018: My Old High School and the People There

Honestly thought my high school was pretty fuckin' stupid. Hell, it was out in the middle of Texas, you'd think there would be at least some people on the right wing there, but no, it's just brainwashed fuckin' progressive commies who listen to Buzzfeed all goddamn day. Most of these people were from California anyways, and they literally went from nearly overdosing on MDMA one day, to preaching on the streets why any aluminium alloy plastered gun with a modern looking finish deserves to be banned as it's classified as an assault weapon the next. Also, I'm pretty libertarian, but think about it, should we seriously give these people voting rights? They all just sit inside and listen to that bullshit and the shit that they get taught from their parents. They should have zero political say because the good handful of 'em don't even know what the hell they're talking about, they're just reading off the soy script and allowing themselves to be cattle via mind control submission. Also saw some shit the other day that pissed me off, some kid from my old high school tweeted about how you can't be racist towards white people and it got several likes. Seriously? Where's your brain, buddy? Probably several inches deep into some hard ass drugs. Still dickriding that Black Lives Matter shit that every leftist "news" network talks about? More like Gun Owners Lives Matter. More like People With Decency's Lives Matter. The people who have at least some rationale and have a viewpoint that isn't dependently based are the ones who are going extinct. We need to save them. And inb4 "Gen Z's are woke," yeah, my ass, even the ones on the right don't know what the fuck they're talking about and read their shit off Fox. They all read off a damn script. On both sides it's hard to find anyone with a decent political stance at my age. These people are fuckin' out of it. Shut down the media in general.

July 29, 2018: Women, Feminism, and Society

I'm going to start off by saying feminism is the biggest bullshit lie ever. Started out in the 1900s as a way for women to get rights, and nowadays feminism is just a conglomerate filled with power hungry landwhales wanting to mass effeminize all men and put estrogen in the food supply. Bitches claiming it's some form of egalitarianism nowadays, when women are pretty much equal to men nowadays. In other words, it's not even fucking needed, they just want to bitch at people online on their $2000+ MacBooks on Tumblr and Twitter. What rights don't women have? Hell, they have the right to fuck Chad all day and consume birth control supplements, and if that doesn't work they can get an abortion in no time flat. Bitches talking about how the room temperature is too fucking cold and sues the company. Bitches don't even get to know a guy, yet for shits and giggles, they go and file a Title IX sexual harrassment suit on some dude they've never met in their life, or spoken to probably once. It's damn risky putting yourself out there, especially for dudes who don't look like male models, and especially for ugly dudes. These women dickride all these progressive movements, and fight for ""equality,"" but in the end they only want power and the complete and utter annihilation of masculinity. The progressive movements are just a facade for the dumb and myopic to look at these stupid shitheads and say "oh, they're oppressed, let's jut all men out of the workforce and replace them with women!" Low IQ fucking idiots. They all expect male model men to be bowing down to their knees too, but ironically, about 99.9% of these feminist fucks are unattractive as hell, toxic, and overweight, usually near obese. They all have this entitlement complex which completely disgusts me. I don't blame incels like Elliot Rodger and Alek Minassian for going on rampages, because they're surrounded by this shit all the time. They both lived in progressive areas, which probably were hosts to thousands of these toxic feminist parasites. What I hate more than those stupid feminist shitheads is the emasculated faggot cattle who orbits them in their movements. I'm talking about those disgusting fucks with the long ISIS beards and the testosterone in the low hundreds, who usually hang around establishments which pertain a contemporary or "progressive" ambience. Those are the types of fucks who dickride not only feminist movements, but progressive movements in general. They do what Big Brother on CNN tells them to. They have no internal train of thought. Everything they learn is taught to them via dependence, and their brains' persistence levels to acquire any train of thought which is deemed independent is little to none. Stupid gross fucks wearing pussy power hats and "feminist" shirts expecting to get laid, but in reality, these women who run feminist/progressive movements are just using these pussies to help their movement(s) gain traction. And you know what's pissing me off even more? Society isn't doing shit about these people. They're just sitting back and letting these progressives brainwash people as old as 90 and as young as 8. Trump's not even saying jack shit. If I were president I'd be damn scared of my own damn citizens, all brainwashed by the progressive agenda. I hope society changes, and I hope someone stops these fuckers from getting into power. They're gonna cause a huge massacre.

November 16, 2018: College Sucks Ass If You're Not A Chad

It's been a long time since I've been on here, probably because of you know what. I've been busy with college and whatnot, and so far I haven't been doing good, like, at all, and I've been basically lying to my parents for the past several months that I've been doing good. I mean, I'm not gonna get on probation, but let's just say we're at straight C's now. That's real nice. But really what I want to talk about is how if you're anywhere below the threshold of being a male model/bodybuilder, then college is NOT for you at all. I honestly thought that I couldn't get a girl and a social life because of my location, in a pompous city full of liberal shitheads and progressives, but it's basically the same scenario, except worse, here, as I have also not made any friends at all. Girls refuse to even look at me here. Like I know I'm fuckin' ugly, but don't be a bitch and treat me like it. I'm accomplishing nothing by being here, and I'm merely just rotting in my dorm and slowly going apeshit as each day passes. I really have no motivation to do anything. The fact that I will never have a girl and friends for the rest of my life makes me feel like shit.