Your first question you might ask when you're on here is who I am. Well I have you covered. I'm a bored person on the Internet, that's who I am. But really, I'm just a bored 20 year old who's on my fifth Neocities website. I want this one to be the coolest and the most detailed. I like old tech and old games.

About me

I like older games a lot. My passion for older hardware, software, etc. comes from when I was little. I first used an older Compaq Presario with a Pentium 166MHz MMX from when I was 2 years old to when I was 4, and all I'd really play was the preinstalled games (POD and MechWarrior 2 were a couple of them). Too bad my parents trashed that thing in 2004. After that, I just used an older HP they bought with a 160GB hard drive, 512MB of RAM, an nForce4, and an Athlon 1GHz processor. In 2006, I started playing the hell out of RCT3, and racked up at least a couple thousand hours on it. A couple years ago I started getting memories of all this, and wanting to relive the good ol' days. So now I'm here, typing on a 21 year old keyboard, surrounded by 21 year old speakers, on Neocities to re-create the HTML 1.0 websites I used to surf on back in those days. I also started collecting big box PC games, which I have a lot of now.

Why would I create this?

Because it's fun. I like old websites, I miss the old Internet, and this kind of stuff serves as a good method of escapism from the brainwashed wireheads that have invaded social media.

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